When it all comes down to it, success - in business or in your life - is about communication. Efficient communication is impossible without effective connectivity.

Virtual PBX is a bespoke communication solution optimised to address the requirements of your business. Providing business continuity our VoIP phone system ensures your needs are easily implemented with integrated sophisticated features, productivity enhancing applications, office mobility and more. All using the latest VoIP technology so you can experience an integrated voice solution without the capital expenditure associated with traditional business telecommunications systems.

Why Virtual PBX?

The distributed architecture lets you choose and have configured the best solutions for your needs. Easily communicate with others, improve employee productivity, enhance your customers contact experience and lower your ongoing communication costs.

Virtual PBX delivers a complete and sophisticated set of features and functions to simplify your internal and external telephony needs. Unlike legacy TDM systems with their patched in IP technology, vPBX handles higher volumes of traffic without seeing your costs grow significantly as your needs increase.

Employing the latest IP technology software and proven Cisco systems hardware, our IP platform is ready for the future today.

Business Continuity, Reliability, Scalability

Understanding that voice & data communication is critical to your business, Keypoint Communications Virtual PBX provides Business Continuity. Each component of the Virtual PBX system is subject to stringent environmental stress testing and analysed for quality and reliability. Software must not only pass rigorous engineering and quality evaluation, it is also subjected to months of detailed field tests before commercial release. These efforts and ongoing quality assurance ensure consistent quality and the highest reliability for your vPBX solution.


Keypoint Communications provide an IP telephony platform implementing all the features of TDM digital systems and much more. Basic inclusive features such as Hold and Transfer make call handling as simple as pressing a single button. Call forwarding to voicemail, mobiles, worldwide extension numbers, or see who is calling before you answer the call with Caller ID. Establish a 3-way conference to get the right people for the business discussion using a single Conference button. Our VoIP telephony service with an array of features is affordable to small businesses without the need for capital investment.

If you wish to know more about how we can transform the way in which your business communicates, call us to discuss your requirements, or email:

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People will always need to talk to customers. The way in which we communicate has changed with the introduction of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology.

Keypoint Communications Hosted PBX - A powerful and highly advanced hosted telephony solution, suited for the needs of small to large enterprises.

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